The stupidest news day of them all

I’d like to wish everyone a happy “Don’t even bother reading any tech news” day. I admit, I used to laugh at some of the April fools press releases, and some are still worthy of a snicker., for example, is worth a run through if you haven’t already.

But the retarded press releases? Can we all just agree those have been done to death? Pirate Bay buys eBay on eBay? Really?

Hypostomus “The Sucker” plecostomus

Our last giant pleco died a few weeks ago, and even with the economy where it is, finding a suitable candidate was a pain. As of today I’d like to announce that effective this afternoon, the position has been filled. “The Sucker” has accepted a full time position with room, heat and water, lighting and all meals included.

As an added bonus, he matches the driftwood log already in our tank (seen left)