Kinda like fruitloops

We’re off to Kamloops, BC, to celebrate Lori’s dad’s birthday. It’s a big one, one of those round 10s, so the kids are getting him and Lori’s mom a cruise. Sweet! The twins are excited.

Got to drive over the new #1 highway bridge, but being as it was night and foggy it was tough to see anything. Maybe on the trip back we’ll check it out. Being a dumbass, I forgot to bring my camera, so blah to anyone that wanted photos.

Unfortunately Lori’s sister hasn’t answered the phone or called back, so we’re going without knowing all the details of the party, except that it’s a surprise party, buffet, and should be fun. So there! Hope it didn’t get canceled 🙂

We left earlier today, will be back on Sunday. My mom stole Bear and Maxx, she does that. Sounds like they’re up to their usual insanity, so that’s a good thing.

Happy long weekend for everyone else, but not me, my company doesn’t do this one 🙁

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