I do realize I’ve been neglecting whatever passes for my dearest dedicated reader as of late, and for that, I do apologize.  I’ve been a little swamped with a few other things and haven’t really been paying attention.

Among said things is some entertainment, for Christmas we got a Wii, and more recently I signed up for CanFlix, which is a clone of NetFlix that actually delivers to Canada.  CanFlix is actually based in Calgary oddly enough, wish I’d known about them while I was still in Calgary, their turn-around time would probably rock.

Anyway, the Wii has been sucking up more of my time then I’d expected, in fact nearly 12 hours this weekend, mostly on Super Mario 3 (yes, that’s an original Nintendo game), and Need for Speed: Carbon.

I’m trying to decide if I have anything interesting enough to say about the games I’m playing that hasn’t been said over and over elsewhere on the net, but if nothing else it might be a good excuse to start blogging again, ‘eh?

Anyway, a belated Happy New Year to all.

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