Another homeland security success

Michael Futi, son of Tony and Luaipou Futi, only 22 days old, a naturalized American citizen, with valid paperwork, dies in custody after homeland security detains and denies medical assistance.

I don’t even know where to start with this story. The terrorists have won.  Here are the facts as we know them; undisputed by Homeland Security at this time.

Baby flies to America for life saving surgery.  Baby is a naturalized American citizen.  Baby has valid papers.  Baby’s nurse has valid papers.  Neither set of paperwork is in question.  Baby was detained and left in a locked room.  Request for medical assistance was ignored, except for a “Stay calm, relax” response.  Baby dies.

The officers have some questions about the mother’s paperwork, although it appears that everything is valid. The US Customs and Border Protection stamp of “APPROVAL” didn’t fool anyone, nor did the suggestion that the baby and nurse (both already cleared) could proceed to the hospital while the mother deals with whatever additional paperwork makes homeland security feel their job is worthwhile.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the TSA, Homeland Security, and their associated areas.  Sure, you don’t stop bombs or guns, you deport your own citizens, sometimes you even catch people playing dress-up, and now, you kill babies, you sure do a bang-up job of security.

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