Gas tax scam

So I assume everyone reading this blog has seen at least one classic Nigerian 419 scam?

You know the ones, where you get a “I am Mrs Rekha D’Cunha from Kuwait. I am married to Mr.Sylvester D’Cunha who worked with Kuwait embassy in Ivory Coast for eleven years before he died in the year 2002.” and ends with an offer of a large sum of money if you’re willing to help them move an even larger sum of money?

Check this out, it’s absolutely brilliant!

We are top officials of the United States Senate Government who are interested in importation of oil into our country with funds that are presently trapped in the FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION TRUST FUND dedicated to improving transportation. We wish to send this money to overseas accounts in the MIDDLE EAST but cannot due to restrictions in Congress Transportation Equity Act requiring that this money must be spent to build roads, bridges and high speed trains.

So the question is, how exactly is this supposed to help? Reducing prices doesn’t help reduce consumption, and according to my memory of supply-and-demand 101, with a fixed supply, the only way to reduce costs is to REDUCE consumption, not increase it.

Oh well, stupid is as stupid does.

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