Heck of a job Bushie

For those who think eight years of Bush is enough, well, you’re clearly not paying attention:

See, Bush might have been president for eight calendar years, but between raising the debt by $4.9 trillion (with a “T”), $18,617 each and every second (yes, even that leap second), overseeing 4,228 US military deaths in Iraq and 634 US military deaths in Afghanistan (that’s almost two thousand more then died on 9/11 in the attacks), he also found time for 977 days (1 year, 362 days) of vacation at Camp David and his ranch, so really, Bush has only spent six years in office.

Damn man, couldn’t you have snuck in three more days and made it a round 2 years? And who the hell takes one in four YEARS off?

Heck of a job Bushie, heck of a job.

(All numbers taken from President Bush By The Numbers)

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