The trip to Kelowna

Well the trip didn’t quite go as originally planned. The original theory was that I’d do a frantic clean up of the old place after the movers left, then fly out just in time to have our stuff arrive.

As it turned out, our truck had another load after us which was being dropped off in Vernon, a town just on the Calgary side of Kelowna, so despite getting picked up on Monday as planned, our stuff won’t be here until Sunday morning.

On the plus side, the movers do deliver on Sunday, and at no extra charge, so at least we don’t have to take time off work.

Also luckily enough, instead of flying out, I was able to hitch a ride with my parents who happened to be driving more or less through Kelowna (or at least that was one possible route), so it not only saved me the airfare, but we also brought the cats out, saving the cats the stress of a flight.

The trip was good, Bear spent most of his time cowering in fear, but then his previous trips have more often then not ended up at the vet and cost him a body part, so he has good reason to be scared of road trips. He settled in though as well as could be expected, and once we got him into the apartment he found a nice corner to hide in and there he stays, at least unless there is food, in which case he does sneak out for a snack.

As for Maxx and Snoopy, Maxx loved traveling, parked himself above my dad and was more or less a perfect little angel, or at least as close as he gets. Snoopy was naturally more trouble, he was rather insistent that he wanted to get into the cab and distract the driver, but we kept him otherwise occupied, generally in the back of the motorhome.

All in all, a good trip. Stuff arrives tomorrow, yay!

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