Missing Link vs Religion

Potentially big news in the “science vs religion” world today, scientists have discovered what is believed to be one of the significant evolutionary steps between animals and humans. If you haven’t heard, you’re probably even more sheltered then I am, which is tough and my hat is off to you, but today you just go to Google and click in the logo, which links you to a search entitled Missing Link Found.

Here’s what I don’t get: The creationist viewpoint does not, as I understand it, inherently exclude evolution. It seems to me that religion is pushing an “us vs them” war with science, when a better approach might be to complement science by adding perspective and spiritual understanding. Conversely, from the other point of view, I don’t really see anyone in the scientific community going out of their way to discredit religion, as much as hypothesize as new evidence is discovered.

Put another way, if I decide to believe in a just and loving god that made everything just the way he wanted, isn’t it reasonable to suggest that he might have big-banged, started that initial spark/seed of life that science can’t explain, thereby creating humanity by way of creating our ancestral evolutionary steps?