Not available on MSN/Live/whatever-it’s-called Messenger today

One of the things about working from home, you rely on chat for nearly all your communication, so when you can’t chat, it’s… Annoying. I guess I could phone, but I hate phoning, so I don’t think I’ll do that.

Due to what looks like a bug/change on the MSN/Live/whatever messenger servers, I’m unable to get online at the moment. It’s been ongoing for a couple days with no particular end in sight, although I have faith that the pidgin authors will find a workaround.

If you do need to reach me, email me or use the Contact Me link at the top of my blog, ‘eh?

UPDATE: Microsoft has reversed the change on their servers, pidgin users can now connect once again.

Fire on the hill

I’ve been meaning to post some photos of the view from my new condo (and actually the condo itself too.)

This morning I glanced out the window to a fire across the hill. Sweet!

Click the photos for the full resolution shot.

12 minutes

What can you do in 12 minutes? Can you have a pizza delivered? Can you even get to McDonalds and start eating?

We signed a lease for a new apartment in Kelowna, my first call was naturally to have our internet connection hooked up, and 12 minutes after placing the order by phone, I had a Shaw cable modem installer knocking on my door, modem in hand, and was up and running a few minutes later.