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I’ve made a number of changes to my blog recently that I thought I’d point out, feedback is appreciated on any/all.

First off, I’d love some feedback on the fantastic caricature created by

With the help of Simple Tags WordPress plugin, I was able to clean up my tags. I’d highly recommend this plugin, you can do mass additions, renames, merges and deleted of tags, automatically tag new (and existing) articles based on their content, display that handy “Related Links” near the bottom, all in a nice clean easy to use interface. Especially useful, when creating new posts, after typing the first letter or two of a tag, Simple Tags shows me matching tags, so hopefully the days of having redundant tags like “humour, humor, jokes, funny” are over.

I also have a handy Contact page up at the top of my blog, this one is powered by Contact Form 7

I also updated Sensitive Tag Cloud, which allows navigating content based on tags which apply to the current view, rather then just showing a huge mess of tags.

Lastly, thanks to the fine folks at providing a data feed, I now have an up-to-date listing of the most recently added items in my for-sale list in the sidebar, and I only slightly feel like a whore.

Feedback on any/all is appreciated!

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