Another long night

Friday night I went to bed early, with the theory being I’d fall asleep quickly since I haven’t gotten a ton of sleep the last few nights, then I could get up early.

So at the crack of 2pm I got up.  Hmm, not quite the plan… So instead I spent the night going through a few bins of stuff I’ve got kicking around in my office, throwing out about half the junk, getting the rest up for sale.  Once I get the bins cleaned up, I’ll attack my desk, then I might actually declare my office clean.  ish.

That’s 43 new items up for sale.  Sweet!  You should buy stuff!

I also took the time to clean up my WordPress tag list a little, combine some tags more logically, plus I’m now using the Simple Tags plug-in, which is, quite frankly, awesome.

Another bonus, Mah Lori will back home today!  She’s been off in Vancouver for a coaching thing…

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