A couple weeks ago I notice some ants wandering through my office. Well, not so much wandering, as dead in the bottom of a glass with some coke forgotten the night before.

Great. Ants.

We didn’t have the car, so I started killing ’em by hand just for fun until we could get some ant poison. Even went shopping with my dad, managed to forget the ant poison.

So a couple days later, I’m still killing ants as they walk by on my floor, my dad drops by with some ant poison, both some “ant traps” that we’re hoping will be semi-cat safe (I’ll take extra precautions, but cats being cats, I don’t plan on putting open poison in my office), and some liquid ant poison to use outside to hopefully kill off any ants coming or going.

I think sweet! I’ll watch for ants and figure out where they’re coming or going and put the poison out right away. Not an ant in sight. Nadda. Zilch. Zero.

Damn effective stuff, and as it turns out, no fear of the cats getting into it since it’s still packaged on my desk. I’m calling this one a win.

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