Cell phone insanity

For anyone who doesn’t believe me that Canada’s wireless internet rates are screwed up, take a look at Rogers’ latest plans:

15MB $5 Mobile Internet Plan
10MB $10 Mobile Internet Plan
2MB $15 Starter
4MB $25 Lite
8MB $40 Plus
30MB $60 Max
1024MB $65 1GB on the go / Tier 1
2048MB $75 Tier 2
500MB $80 Data 500
3072MB $85 Tier 3
5120MB $100 Tier 4

Sign me up for the Data 500, that’s a great deal!

And yes, all of these plans are available on cell phones. Some are available on PC cards and other devices too, but all can be applied to a cell.

References: All current plans available from Rogers’ WirelessWeb Site

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