iPhone 3G

This wouldn’t be a real blog without something about the new iPhone 3G coming out… So here goes.

I thought Apple was gonna change the face of wireless here? Remember when Steve Jobs was a genius for insisting on no subsidies and revenue sharing?

Fast forward to the present: Our little iPhone has grown up to become just another cell phone. And not a real functional one at that. The 3G model is a giant yawn, GPS (most modern smartphones have some form of GPS), a faster data connection, and not really much else new.

Oh, and pricing? Well, as it turns out, this baby is even more expensive then the last one, despite the marketing spew.

iPhone 8GB $399.00
iPhone 3G 8GB $199.00

However, the AT&T iPhone data plan went up $10/month, and lost the previously included SMS, so you’re looking at a minimum of $240/year more, which quickly eats up that $200 price drop.

So for those of you feeling bad about your first generation iPhone, feel better.

3 thoughts on “iPhone 3G

  1. I totally agree. I only want one because my first generation phone has crappy reception. Crappy. But the upgrade isn’t worth it. I’m thinking that maybe a Blackberry would tickle my geeky-bone.

  2. The Blackberry line has some nice devices, but I prefer having a mail client on my phone, so they’re out, at least for the moment.

  3. you guys are very lucky indeed. in fact as a person living in Europe i am expecting to see the new iPhone 3G for a price around 200 euros which is 300 usd. too much difference indeed…as the old saying goes…being european doesnt means being stupid. as for me i think i will leave the iPhone on the shelves!

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