Firefox 3.0beta2

Firefox 3.0beta2 has just been released, and first impression, and a first impression, it’s pretty sweet.  Substantially faster, although the available extensions aren’t quite up to spec yet.

AdBlock works, that’s a must-have. Open Long Url 0.2.3 and Auto Copy 0.6.4 are both surprisingly minor things, but I miss them more then I’d have expected.

Web Developer 1.1.4 is tough to live without, but that developer doesn’t release prior to public release, so I’ll just have to live without it, at least for now.

All in all, if you’re willing to risk a beta, I’d highly recommend it. Grab yourself a copy of Password Exporter 1.0.6 to export your saved passwords, and save your bookmarks.html file too, of course.

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