Oh yeah? Well why don’t you go Google yourself?

Googling Oneself Is More Popular says Wired…

In a report Sunday, the Pew Internet and American Life Project said 47 percent of U.S. adult Internet users have looked for information about themselves through Google or another search engine.

Also interesting in the article, it mentions

Pew also found that teens were more likely than adults to restrict who can see their profiles at an online hangout like Facebook or News Corp.’s MySpace, contrary to conventional wisdom.

That’s not a bad thing, in my books. However, I think the article misunderstands why,

“Teens are more comfortable with the applications in some ways, (but) I also think they have their parents and teachers telling them to be very careful about what they post and who they share it with,” Madden said.

I wonder if this isn’t less due to the possible risk of strangers identifying them, and more due to teachers, parents, and simply a matter of clique behaviour. Remember, teenagers are immortal, so internet perverts are something that happens to someone else.

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