Seagate Warranty Service – Two Thumbs Up

This post is just a quick thank-you to Seagate for making the warranty return process simple and easy.

I have a ton of drives spread across my various servers and computers and have more or less standarized on Seagate drives, mainly due to the fact that they’re reasonably priced, perform better then the competition (at least when I’ve tested) and have the best warranty in their class.

Warranties are always up in the air though, they’re only as worthwhile as the company backing the warranty request. I finally had a drive reporting errors, my first in many moons, so I contacted Seagate for warranty.

Starting the process was simple, I used Google to look for Seagate Warranty, supplied the model and serial number, my contact information, put the drive in a box and shipped it off.

Here we are about two weeks later and I have a refurbished drive. According to S.M.A.R.T. the drive is brand new, although it’s not impossible for Seagate to reset the hours-of-operation counter before shipping the drive out.

So thanks Seagate for standing by your products! I’m ordering two more drives and you can get that they too will be Seagate.

One thought on “Seagate Warranty Service – Two Thumbs Up

  1. Seagate has some excellent stuff, especially all the new media centers.

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