Cranky old people vs traffic signs

Frail Pedestrians likely to crossSome people just don’t have enough to do in their lives, I get it.

Some old cranky people are complaining about a sign that they misinterpreted. See, the sign doesn’t mean “old people crossing”, it means “Frail Pedestrians likely to cross”, and the picture is reasonably accurate for that purpose.

Now these signs do tend to show up near old folks’ homes, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe, just maybe, that’s because older folks tend to be more frail?

However, if there are complainers, maybe the solution is to remove the sign near them, then see how long it takes until the exact same folks complain about young whipper snappers zooming by too quickly? Or change the signs out for an guy hunched over with a cane waving his fist at a passing car?

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