Personal blog? Or commercial venture?

Okay folks, show of hands time — Who thinks this blog is my personal blog? Who thinks it’s a commercial venture or exists to help me sell my wares?

Post in the comments, or use the Contact Me link to send it privately.

2 thoughts on “Personal blog? Or commercial venture?

  1. Well, each time I visit I see personal posts – nothing for sale unless I look at your sidebar. So my vote is ‘personal’. (=

  2. Thanks all — I had half a dozen responses total, although only one public comment. I realize that sounds rather like “lurkers support me in email”, but I’m happy with the results.

    The reason I asked, I link to my blog in my email signature, and was accused of posting to a mailing list for the purposes of advertising a commercial venture.

    I’ve resolved that particular issue, but I did want to get an idea of what my faithful readers think.

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