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I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I did it. I bought an iPhone.

So far, the experience had been mixed. I’m already familiar with the iPod Touch, so the OS as a whole isn’t new to me, but having the phone and camera is nice. The App Store is a mixed bag, with applications ranging from cute to pathetic.


One thing I didn’t expect is that as far as I can tell, none of the annoying interface bugs from the first version of the OS were fixed.

Safari still crashes several times daily, the music/iPod mode crashes easily too, as do many of the third party apps. Worse, there is complaint after complaint from app developers about Apple’s often excessive delays approving new app store app versions.

On the plus side, despite the instability, there are some neat applications. For example, WordPress had released an app to make it east to blog from the iPhone. Neat.

All in all, it makes a nice phone, but the iPhone is still a bit mediocre as a PDA.

But, it is fun!

One thought on “WordPress for iPhone

  1. Congrats on your recent adoption of “Crashy”! 🙂

    Personally, I’ve only experienced a few crashes, but then again, I tend to use my iPhone for mostly communication; SMS, email, the odd call. Other than that, I use it for the occasional game, site update (that WordPress app rocks), and misc info query.

    I haven’t had a use for Safari all that often as I can’t update my site (the visual editor doesn’t work), and there isn’t support for Flash or animated GIFs, which REALLY sucks. I happen to be a fan of doppler, so lack of simple animation is bothersome.

    Overall, though, this is my first “smartphone”, as I tended to keep my devices separate (iPod for music, cell for calling, Palm for PDA, Nokia n810 for wi-fi surfing, etc), and I am quite impressed. I just love being able to look up what I want WHEN I want. The browser on previous phone, the Nokia 5300, would run out of memory even pulling up Rogers’ default page, rendering cellular surfing completely useless.

    I’ve had the iPhone for half a month, and I can’t imagine going back to the way things were. 😉

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