WordPress for iPhone

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I did it. I bought an iPhone.

So far, the experience had been mixed. I’m already familiar with the iPod Touch, so the OS as a whole isn’t new to me, but having the phone and camera is nice. The App Store is a mixed bag, with applications ranging from cute to pathetic.


One thing I didn’t expect is that as far as I can tell, none of the annoying interface bugs from the first version of the OS were fixed.

Safari still crashes several times daily, the music/iPod mode crashes easily too, as do many of the third party apps. Worse, there is complaint after complaint from app developers about Apple’s often excessive delays approving new app store app versions.

On the plus side, despite the instability, there are some neat applications. For example, WordPress had released an app to make it east to blog from the iPhone. Neat.

All in all, it makes a nice phone, but the iPhone is still a bit mediocre as a PDA.

But, it is fun!

Why hasn’t Apple released an unlocked iPhone yet?

So here’s the question… Why isn’t Apple selling unlocked iPhones directly to the public?

It’s obvious that there is demand, over a million unlocked phones, and the latest firmware has been cracked too.

Apple reportedly makes “as much as $400” per iPhone sold in additional revenue from the carrier, so wouldn’t it make sense to sell iPhones at some substantial portion of the $400 (somewhat less, since the full amount would be released to Apple immediately, rather then $400 over 2-3 years) above the additional cost, completely unlocked?

There are plenty of ads on Craiglist showing unlocked iPhones for $600-$750 a pop, so the market is obviously there, and with a profit margin of 50%, you’d think Apple would want to crank up sales.

Is it just Jobs’ control freak nature keeping the iPhone away from the obvious consumer demand?

And I thought my iPod Touch did everything

Apparently there is at least one feature not implemented into my iPod Touch MP3 player… Cool!

And here I was thinking about entertainment and PDA features.  Think outside the box, Dave, think outside the box… Or maybe this IS an entertainment feature.

Thanks toBruce Schneier for pointing it out.