Hot enough for ya?

According to Environment Canada, we were up to 30C (86F) today. My thermometer said 31C. Close enough. Honestly, I like the heat in short doses, but this is a bit hotter inside then I like.

So with that in mind, Lori has accepted a job offer in Kelowna! 36C (97F) today, not quite as hot as Texas, but close.

Still some details to arrange, but she’ll be starting in a week and a half, I won’t be moving for a couple months or so, with the goal being to let her decide if she likes the job, and take a bit of time to find a place before we uproot and move.

One of the big perks of working remotely is that I can move without having to do the find-a-new-job thing. When you’re already 2000 miles from your office, what’s another 250 miles?

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