Hot Enough For Ya?

I just wanted to share the current weather in Calgary today…

It’s currently -36C (which for the ‘merican is -32.8F), with a chance of “even colder”.  We’ve got wind speeds of up to 22KM/h (a little over 13 miles/hour), which means the wind chill is approximately -47C (or the more impressive -53F).

For those who don’t know, wind chill is designed to tell you how cold it “feels”, and is useful to calculate how long until exposed flesh freezes.

While -47C isn’t a record, the theory says I’ve only got six degrees of separation from inviting Al Gore down here to enjoy some global warming first hand.  We can pitch a tent, he can sleep outside.

According to the wind chill calculation tables, at -47C, exposed flesh is already frozen, and psychiatric help should be sought immediately by anyone even considering going outside.

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