The smoke alarm who cried wolf

Not that long ago I moved from Calgary to Kelowna, and Lori and I are now living in a brand new condo. While I really like this place, one thing is starting to drive me nuts:

There is a smoke/fire alarm in the kitchen. And not just any detector, it’s a super sensitive one! Note to the developer who made the decision to place it here: Don’t.

See, catching kitchen fires early is a good idea in theory, but in the real world, I’m sure my neighbours are tired of hearing about it every time I make toast, or in a spectacular example of stupidity in design, it went off earlier today when I was melted butter in the microwave, and the butter wasn’t even melted yet.

3 thoughts on “The smoke alarm who cried wolf

  1. you neglected to mention that you like your toast black 😛

    okay okay, I have set it off cooking as well and I never burn anything! 🙂

  2. i would prefer to use those cheap ionization type smoke alarms on our home building`*”

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