Are you a woman? In Kelowna? Read This!

If you are in Kelowna, you can take the Extreme Self Care for Women course at the Kelowna campus of Okanagan College.

Six weeks to create the lifestyle of your dreams! Extreme Self Care is connecting with yourself on a DAILY basis, deciding what you need and then following through to make it happen. It is a powerful course that will help you discover a three stage inspired action plan, uncover challenges that could be slowing you down, develop clear goals and vision as well as a great sense of personal awareness.

Get inspired, eliminate stress and create a spiritual well being.

Sign up now? Here is how:

  • Browse to
  • In the Term field select Winter 2009
  • In the Keyword field type Extreme Self Care
  • Click Search
  • Click on the Register link on the right side of the screen and then check out
  • Enjoy!

Full disclosure: I am sleeping with the instructor.

The smoke alarm who cried wolf

Not that long ago I moved from Calgary to Kelowna, and Lori and I are now living in a brand new condo. While I really like this place, one thing is starting to drive me nuts:

There is a smoke/fire alarm in the kitchen. And not just any detector, it’s a super sensitive one! Note to the developer who made the decision to place it here: Don’t.

See, catching kitchen fires early is a good idea in theory, but in the real world, I’m sure my neighbours are tired of hearing about it every time I make toast, or in a spectacular example of stupidity in design, it went off earlier today when I was melted butter in the microwave, and the butter wasn’t even melted yet.

Who wants to help me move?

Enough whining for a bit, ‘eh?

Some big news that most of the important people in my life know, although certainly not everyone just yet, but Lori and I are moving to Kelowna!

Last July we drove to Oliver BC for my grandmother’s 90th birthday, and the way luck would have it, Lori happened to have a job interview in Kelowna. One month later, she was starting the job, and we were starting to plan for the move.

We gave it a few weeks to let Lori get the feel for the company, make sure she would be happy committing to stay for a minimum of a couple of years, and once she was sure.

Last week I flew out and we started the house hunt, found an absolutely amazing condo, reasonable price, with pretty much all the upgrades. Air conditioning, two balconies, a nice view, stainless steel appliances, front loading in-suite washer and dryer, dishwasher, granite counter tops, pretty much the works. We formally took possession on September 1st, although we actually got the keys a couple days earlier.

Now I hate moving, but having lost track of how many times I’ve moved in the past six years, I’m somewhat familiar with the process. We’re taking a bit of a different approach, in that we’re trying to get rid of absolutely anything we can, cutting back both the amount of stuff we need to move, and the amount of junk to store on the receiving end, hopefully only keeping what we actually need and use.

We took care of some of the important stuff already, got internet service on day#1, and I’ve got electricity and insurance all arranged as well, mail redirected, now just working on all the other details, health care, address changes, mentioning the move to work, friends, family, trading in the polar bears for brown bears, etc. Did I mention the weather is beautiful?

Based on our current plans, I’ll be wandering back to Calgary every two or three months or so for several months. Why not, it’s a $49 flight ($105 or so with taxes. Yes, that’s over 100% taxes, fees, and other garbage, but still, $105 isn’t bad), and besides, the Calgary –> Kelowna trip is the closest you can get to time travel, you actually land about 8 minutes before you depart.

Anyway, things are looking good, just keeping me busy busy busy, so expect blog postings to be sparse. As time permits, Lori and I are working on another little blogging project, a collaborative effort with a bit of a different focus, but more on that once it’s closer to being ready for human consumption.

So who wants to help me pack?