White shoes

I’ve been on the hunt for new shoes for a while, probably over a year. See, I have funny shaped feet. I’m a size 12.5 wide or double-wide, with a flat instep and a relatively thick foot. Aren’t you glad you asked?

Anyway, my doctor is on vacation this month, I was waiting at a clinic and had time to kill so I went wandering, ended up at a shoe store and found what might be the most comfortable pair of runners I’ve ever owned. Alas, they only come in white. I feel… dirty… wearing white shoes.

They say shoes make the man, so what does this say about me? Oh well, what can you do, at least they’re comfortable.

How to tell if food is healthy to eat?

I’m not sure if I’ve entirely thought this one though, but I think the way to figure out if you should eat something or not is actually printed right on the side of the packaging.  My suggestion is two easy rules:

1) Can you pronounce each of the ingredients?

2) Can you draw each of the ingredients?

If the answer to either is no, then perhaps it’s not the best choice.


yay pepto bismol

So apparently stomach flu is contagious over IM, I just finished getting over one of the less pleasant episodes of stomach flu that I’ve ever experienced, and now a good friend down in Colorado’s children are sick.  Sorry ’bout that Randy, remind me I owe y’all a round of fries from Red Robins next time we’re out in Texas, k?

Pepto Bismol chewable tablets worked well, although I did notice something interesting while reading the ingredients for this “heartburn • indigestion • upset stomach • nausea • diarrhea” medication. One of the non-medical ingredients is a laxative. Weird.

All well, back to my normal self, even had a couple rounds of wonton soup.  My precious!  And extra special thanks to Mah Lori for taking such good care of me!