Welp, it’s autumn again. How do I know? Well for one, I’m fighting a cold, and so far losing the battle.

I went for a walk to the post office today to ship another package and on the way it was so windy that the leaves and other stuff were hitting me in the head hard enough that it hurt. Weird. On the plus side the sky was stunningly beautiful, and the trees are bright autumn colours so it’s not all that bad.

On the plus side although it has been windy and rainy, no snow just yet, although the forecast does have the f-word on Friday…

Eating out

Everyone has a vice, or three. One of mine is eating out.

It’s a combination of laziness, and gluttony. Or it just tastes good.

With Lori out of town, I decided to try and cut back for a couple reasons, financial and health being the top two.

I think I’m doing alright so far. Lori left Saturday evening, so I decided to order pizza since Lori was technically still in town as long as my food arrived before takeoff.

After that, no more eating out.

Sunday I was invited to my parents’ place for dinner, so that doesn’t count.

Monday for lunch, I needed my dad’s help, so I took him out for lunch as a thank-you. So that doesn’t count.

Monday for dinner I had leftovers from lunch, so that one doesn’t count either.

So like I said, not doing too bad.

As I write this, I’m actually cooking food though, off the wagon already. 🙁