No garden in a condo? Says who?

We moved to a condo, so that means no garden right?

Last year Lori got a AeroGarden from my mom for Christmas (psst! thanks mom!) but we were afraid to use it due to the fact that the cats get a little too curious. Having less cats around now, Lori decided to try her luck.

It’s not much, but it’s growing nicely, plus I have confirmed the cilantro is as evil as I have always suspected as it’s hiding in the dark rather then showing itself in the light.

One thought on “No garden in a condo? Says who?

  1. I really have been interested in those little setups. If they work well (and I’ll be asking about it later to see if it did) then I may want to get one for Jessica because fresh herbs year round would be awesome for grilling year round 🙂

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