Eating out

Everyone has a vice, or three. One of mine is eating out.

It’s a combination of laziness, and gluttony. Or it just tastes good.

With Lori out of town, I decided to try and cut back for a couple reasons, financial and health being the top two.

I think I’m doing alright so far. Lori left Saturday evening, so I decided to order pizza since Lori was technically still in town as long as my food arrived before takeoff.

After that, no more eating out.

Sunday I was invited to my parents’ place for dinner, so that doesn’t count.

Monday for lunch, I needed my dad’s help, so I took him out for lunch as a thank-you. So that doesn’t count.

Monday for dinner I had leftovers from lunch, so that one doesn’t count either.

So like I said, not doing too bad.

As I write this, I’m actually cooking food though, off the wagon already. 🙁

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