Banff – Tunnel Mt Village I

Tonight we ended up in Tunnel Mt Village I for the night. No services (for services check out II instead of I, although it’s not much of a campground, more of a parking lot with trees, little privacy, but possibly a good jumping off point for day trips in the area)

We managed to get a nicer spot (or at least I think so, I’m not sure about dad yet), one of the more private ones, anyway. Not so private that I’d recommend wandering around the site naked, but nor would you get a view of a neighbour doing so.

Not a lot to do right at this campground, although we can walk over to the bus and go into Banff if we want — Not much to do there either, but we might try it anyway. We’ll probably give Two Jack Main a shot tomorrow. On the plus side, a boring-ish campsite means I’ll get caught up on work without staying up all night, so that part works out well.

Bought socks and eggs (for pancakes) at Safeway, but otherwise winging it on the food that we’ve got.

That’s about it for now.

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