Two Jack Campground – Lakeside

Welp, one night in Tunnel Mountain was about enough, nothing to do there, and it was cold and rainy (I blame the campground management, obviously), so on we meander.

Hit Smitty’s in Banff for breakfast, so-so food, I’ve had worse, but I’ve had better. Oh well.

Off to Two Jack Campground, the Lakeside version. We drove through Lakeside first, then over to Main to investigate both. Main wasn’t great, sparse trees, sites close to each other, and nothing for a 31′ motorhome, so back to Lakeside. Between the time we first entered and when we returned we lost the site we were eyeballing (although it sounds like it probably happened while we were driving the loop anyway, so the sidetrip to check out Main probably didn’t kill us)

We grabbed site #2, which I think it probably a better site then the other option anyway, just took a bit of a creative parking job to properly utilize it. A hotdog lunch later, and here we are.

For those curious, we’re right on the south-west end of the lake, and can see to the southern tip. It doesn’t sound like there is a hike around the lake available though, although we may go look and see how far we can go without too much pain.

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3 thoughts on “Two Jack Campground – Lakeside

  1. I’ll let the gov’t know that they need to change the signage and reprint all the brochures.

    Better hold on to the old stuff though since we’re probably just doing one night here.

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