Add two girls, shake vigorously

This morning my dad and I packed up the motorhome and moved to a new site. We got a great site the first couple days, but it was reserved for the weekend, so we took a less ideal, but still rather nice site. Traded the crazy squirrels for crows, a poor exchange in my opinion.

As if on cue my mom arrived just as we started unpacking at the new site, and Lori arrived a bit later, bringing our tent. Lori and I will be tenting across the road from my parents’ motorhome in Bow Valley Campground.

My mom isn’t as aggressive a hiker, and we tend to stop to admire nature a little more, so it will be a nice change from the previous hike, which was a bit more then I’d have planned for a first hike of the year for someone as out of shape as myself, but it was a ton of fun.

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