Screw you guys, I’m going home

Welp… Had a great time in Texas, as always. This year the annual Christmas party was at Lone Star Park, which for those that don’t know, is horse racing. It’s “Pepsi Can Month” at the race track. Normally I’d insert a joke, but it was actually fun, so kudos for a new and interesting company party destination.

For whatever reason, since I’ve been down in Texas I haven’t gotten more then an hour of uninterrupted sleep, and only once did I get more then three hours of sleep in a whole night. I do *not* function well on less then three hours of sleep.

I also suspect American Airlines thinks I need more exercise, as very consistently when I check in at DFW, I get pointed to D27/D28, then the flight gets changed to D38/D39/D40 — I’m thinking it’s AA’s way of telling me to go for a walk more often. Either that, or they’re telling me to take a vacation as the the plane parked at D28 when I started this post is going to Mexico, and the next one is going to Costa Rica…

Quick update… I make it over to D40 just in time to get a gate change notification on my Treo, we’re back to D28. Spanky.

On the plus side, in only six hours from now I’ll be with my Lori again.

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