My three favourite letters: RMA

Welp, my iPod Touch is going back. Apparently it’s not supposed to crash and reboot at random. On the plus side, Apple has *finally* gotten around to creating a Vista x64 version of iTunes. The problem? Well, in typical Apple fashion, they know better then you and so the download option is hidden. There doesn’t appear to be any trivial way to choose which version of iTunes you want, and Apple’s website doesn’t detect FF3 under x64 as a 64-bit platform.

The workaround? Download iTunes with IE in 64-bit mode, then you’ll get the right version.

On the plus side, Vista x64 + iTunes works as well as iTunes ever does.

Kudos to Apple for at least making the RMA process easy…

We have received your request for a replacement IPOD TOUCH.

Our initial diagnosis indicates that because your product replacement will likely be covered by the warranty, an AppleCare Protection Plan, or another Apple repair program, there should be no charge to you for the service performed. If we have questions or concerns regarding the repair coverage, we will notify you.

And they even ship out a box to send in the b0rk’d product. That’s sweet of ’em.

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