Dear UPS: We have a doorbell

I wrote this rant a few weeks ago, but since it happened again, I decided to post anyway, so here goes.

Dear UPS Driver,

Would it be so much to ask that you actually type my apartment number into the doorbell system at the front door?

Twice now I’ve had a UPS driver claim to drop by while I am at home sitting not more then 4′ from the phone where our condo doorbell system rings, and both times nadda all day, then I go look up the tracking number in the late afternoon and find a “customer not available” note. One of the perks of working from home is that I’m nearly always available to receive deliveries.

This time there was at least a sticker on the front door, last time there wasn’t even that.

Oddly enough both days I did have someone else call, last time I had a FedEx delivery the same day and today we ordered pizza, so I know my buzzer works for everyone but UPS.

Sincerely, The Dave.

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