More Security Theatre

I’ve posted before about how airport security is more theatre then actual security.

We can now add guns to the list of things that the TSA doesn’t worry about finding.

So what do they do when their error is pointed out? Why arrest the guy who brought it to their attention, of course.

But shampoo? They’ve got that one down.

So tell me, if you discovered you were carrying a weapon after you were through security, what would you do? How about if you stumbled across something suspicious inside security? What does the TSA teach is the correct response?

Security Theatre

I get it. Airport security obviously isn’t about stopping bombs, because they don’t. Sure, they catch some toothpaste, hand lotion, shampoo, but actual liquid explosives? No.

And why would they? The equipment doesn’t work, and the staff isn’t much better

You’re not even allowed to make jokes at the airport, which is odd, since somehow I doubt terrorists have good senses of humour.

And what would happen if they did suspect some real terrorists were on a plane? As it turns out, they leave the passengers on the plane with the terrorists.

So what is the point? I’m all for security, but does the theatre really scare terrorists off? Or is it just an excuse to increase gov’t authority?

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Respect my authoritah

Are you required to sign a speeding ticket? Well, no. However, by refusing to sign you are risking being placed under arrest over a traffic violation. Fair enough.

So, having watched this video several times, I am a little unclear what justified ANY use of force, or why negotiations failed within 20 seconds of the man walking out of his car — Note how quickly the officer took out his taser. The guy did not attempt to bolt, nor did he attempt to attack the officer. Somebody explain to me why the suspect was tasered, why the officer could not inform him what he was being charged with, why he was not given his rights.The officer is very clear that the suspect was tasered for not obeying his authoriti, nothing at all to do with the speeding ticket.So you tell me, did he deserve it? If so, why?