iTunes – 604MB of memory

Dear Apple,

I am currently running an entire virtual instance of Windows Vista (you know, that OS you keep poking holes at in your commercials) and in that instance I am running three different webbrowsers and a mail *server*.

Guess what is using more memory, iTunes or Vista? Now keep in mind one is an operating system and the other is an overgrown music player which Apple has bundled (hmm, wasn’t Apple among those crying about Microsoft’s bundling a couple years ago) with some of their hardware.

Please learn to write more compact code, and for the sake of all that is holy, learn how to use multiple threads so the entire iTunes GUI can be snappy and responsive while it takes iTunes 99% of a 2.4GHz core for over 30 seconds just to connect to an iPhone, will ya?

iPhone data usage?

My first full month with an iPhone, so I check to see how much data I’ve used…

Under 100MB. That’s embarrassing.

Why? Well, I spend most of my time with access to wifi, and use it religiously. Still, I’d have expected 500MB or so, I’m constantly reading email and Google Reader while I’m out.

Still, I suppose this isn’t a bad thing.

iPhone 2.0.2

Yesterday Apple released iPhone OS 2.0.2, with the as-detailed-as-expected-from-Apple release notes reading simply “bug fixes” — Great, that helps a lot.

I installed it last night, and to my surprise, a few apps that were crashing before seem to be a little more stable, although it might be just dumb luck as the crashes aren’t 100% consistent. Oh, and another nice treat, the install is fairly quick and installs in place (like 2.0.1) without wiping the iPhone in the process, so you don’t need to reload all your apps/music/etc.

While playing around, I discovered something else that rather annoys me. I don’t connect to iTunes very often, I despite iTunes, but I’m stuck with it for loading music on my iPhone, OS updates, and whatnot, so I do fire up iTunes every once in a while.

For some reason the AppStore feature on the iPhone only notifies you about some updated applications. I had a notification for one application earlier today, and updated it, but it wasn’t until I went to load the new OS that I noticed that there were 10 more iPhone applications with waiting updates, none of which the iPhone AppStore application mentioned. Some of these updates were over two weeks old.


Apple, you have a beautiful piece of hardware, please get a QA team for the software side, or open up your beta program (and yes, I’ll sign an NDA)