WordPress URL format changes

For some time now I’ve had some extra junk in my URLs, mostly due to the fact that I hadn’t gotten around to getting an IIS rewrite tool working properly.

I have finally fixed this, so you shouldn’t be seeing /wordpress or /index.php in my blog URLs anymore. Old links should still work, and where possible, will be redirected to the correct URL.

Technically the feed URLs are changing too, but the old URLs are redirecting, so in theory, it shouldn’t be a problem, but updates might be slow for a few days.

Please contact me ASAP if you notice any problems.

Tweaking WordPress

Not that long ago I upgraded to WordPress 2.6, and also started tweaking my blog’s format a little. I’d love some feedback.

The current changes were to include my categories at the top (Geek/Random Jibberish/Travel), remove all of the recent articles from my sidebar, and instead place them down at the bottom.

A few other cosmetic bugs tweaked in the process.


WordPress for iPhone

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I did it. I bought an iPhone.

So far, the experience had been mixed. I’m already familiar with the iPod Touch, so the OS as a whole isn’t new to me, but having the phone and camera is nice. The App Store is a mixed bag, with applications ranging from cute to pathetic.


One thing I didn’t expect is that as far as I can tell, none of the annoying interface bugs from the first version of the OS were fixed.

Safari still crashes several times daily, the music/iPod mode crashes easily too, as do many of the third party apps. Worse, there is complaint after complaint from app developers about Apple’s often excessive delays approving new app store app versions.

On the plus side, despite the instability, there are some neat applications. For example, WordPress had released an app to make it east to blog from the iPhone. Neat.

All in all, it makes a nice phone, but the iPhone is still a bit mediocre as a PDA.

But, it is fun!