Stupid shorts

About three years ago I bought a pair of shorts that was 1-2 sizes too large. I don’t recall why, I think I picked them up because I couldn’t find much else and I was desperate, and I could always use a belt to make them sorta fit. Plus I’m good at shrinking clothes when I wash them, so I was hoping maybe I could make them fit. But it never worked, so they mostly just sat in my closet.

Come the start of this summer and they actually fit just about perfectly. Doh.

Earlier this week I put them on and wow, they were huge on me, literally falling off without a belt. Woot! Seeing progress on the scale is one thing, but it’s the random little things that make me smile.

Weight loss – 40lbs

Weight Loss

A few months ago I decided to make a few changes to some aspects of my life, one of those changes was to lose some weight.

At this point I’m down about 40 pounds. Now yes, I am Canadian, but for some reason body weight just seems to work better in pounds. I actually put on a bit of weight over the Christmas holidays, although I blame the bitter cold more then the holiday season, but I’m back on track now.


I stumbled across a neat app for those of you both keeping track of your weight, and owning an iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s called fatwatch, available at the AppStore

It’s a simple concept, every day you fire it up and enter your weight, it keeps track. Yay. However, what it also does is allow you to chart your weight over time, and builds an exponentially smoothed average to help you watch your over-all weight trends, without letting an ice cream day hurt you.

It also allows you to set and measure goals, and based on your current and target weight will give you an estimate as to how you need to adjust your intake.

At $9.95 it’s not the cheapest app on the AppStore, but skip a couple fast food lunches and you’ll have covered the $9.95.